Kickboard Monster T-Bar Interchangeable Black, KB0022



Product Details

Extrawide wheels and flexible fiberglass deck


The Micro Kickboards, thanks to the special weight transfer steering, conveys an ultimate feeling of surfing. With its extra wide wheels and patented wood / fiberglass sandwiched deck, Micro’s Kickboard Montster guarantees a smooth and confortable ride. The unusual design is an eye catcher !

Now with interchangeable T-Bar : change easily between the Joystick steering and the T-bar steering whenever you want. Are you ready for the Monster look?

  • Comes with two different handle options: Traditional T-Bar and Joystick
  • Wide wheels and a wide track offer better balance and greater stability for those wanting to create long curves and build up some speed
  • Flex deck is made from a composite of fiberglass and marine ply, which together with precision bearings, absorbs bumps and guarantees a smooth ride
  • 220 lb weight capacity
  • Please note, adult kickboards offer tighter steering than our children's 3-wheeled models, and will perform best for riders with skateboarding experience.


Deck Size: 18" x 5.5"

Height from Deck: Up to 37" from the deck and 40" from the ground

Scooter Weight: 11 lbs

Scooter Width: 30" x 12.5"

Suggested Age: 13+ years

Steering Options: T-Bar and Joystick

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