Micro History

Wim Ouboter

The Micro success story

It all began with a sausage – the best bratwurst in Zurich. Wim Ouboter thought the Sternen Grill was too far away to be reached on foot, but not far enough away to the get the bicycle or even the car out of the garage. Without further ado, he invented to very first kickboard in 1997.

However, his “kiddy scooter” didn't really appeal to any of his friends, and they showed absolutely no understanding for his vision of urban mobility. The prototype ended up in the garage – until his neighbour's son discovered it and started to use it as a leisure scooter. Its popularity among the kids led his wife Janine to recognise the potential in this innovation and urge Wim to put the kickboard into production. He then immediately produced the two-wheeled Micro scooter as a variation on this theme – an innovation which exploded on the market in the year 2000 like a bombshell. Their wildest expectations were exceeded, with the press all over the world clamouring for the extraordinary story of the self-made man and his “bratwurstmobile”.


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