Arrival of your order depends on your delivery address and the shipping option you choose. We always try to ship orders as fast as possible. If you need orders urgently or if there will be no one to receive your delivery, please choose pick up instead to avoid delivery failures.

Pick Up

  • You will be sent an email pick up confirmation when your order is ready to pick up along with pick up schedule.
  • Please present the email pick up confirmation with your valid ID.
  • For authorized representatives, they will be asked to present an authorization letter, your valid ID and their valid ID upon pick up.

For Metro Manila delivery:

  • 1 Day or Next Day Shipping takes 1 shipping day upon payment. 
  • 2-3 Day Shipping takes 2-3 shipping days upon payment 
  • 4-10 Day Shipping takes 4-10 shipping days upon payment 

For outside Metro Manila delivery:

  • Free AP Cargo shipping. We have partnered with AP Cargo to serve your orders. Delivery time will depend on delivery address. For direct delivery to address, kindly check if your area is serviceable here. If non-serviceable, you may pick up your order at the nearest AP Cargo branch. Provided, Raptor reserves the right to change the courier at any time to serve your order without prior notice or approval. Raptor will send the tracking number, if applicable, for your delivery. For estimated lead times, please refer to published times of courier. We will ship out within 1-5 days from date of payment.
  • Non AP Cargo shipping. In case a delivery direct to your address is unserviceable by AP Cargo, you may choose this option so we can quote to you the different available couriers and their rates. For estimated lead times, please refer to published times of courier. We will ship out within 1-5 days from date of payment.

Shipping days excludes weekends and holidays. Orders completed after 12 noon will consider the next working day as the first day.  For example, if payment was made on Friday 1 PM with 1 day Shipping, then the latest delivery date will be Tuesday. If made at 11 AM, then the latest delivery date will be Monday.

Please understand that there may be delivery exceptions due to circumstances beyond our control such as severe weather condition, unforeseen holidays, government lockdowns/mandates, etc. In these cases, we will inform you as soon as we can of any updates about your delivery.


Please make sure that you or an authorized personnel is there to receive your package within the estimated shipping dates and that the mobile number in the shipping details is correct. If you are not there or don't have any authorized representative to receive on the estimated shipping dates, then we urge you to choose local pick up instead to avoid delivery failure.

We do not have advance notice of your specific date/time of delivery. You will be contacted by courier via SMS/call during delivery. If you need a specific date/s of delivery, kindly choose the 1 day or 2-3 day delivery option whichever is applicable.

Our courier will only wait 15 minutes upon arrival at your address and upon attempting to contact you via mobile. If no one receives the package, the mobile provided incorrect or courier calls/SMS remains unanswered within the 15 minutes, then it will be considered as delivery failure.

Delivery Failure

If your order is returned to us by the courier as a result of our error, we will re-send the product to you for no extra charge.

If you provide an incorrect delivery address and the order is returned to us, or you fail to take delivery, we will redeliver the product to the correct address, if provided, subject to payment of additional delivery costs of the return and redelivery.

In case you have availed of the free shipping, you will be charged Php 500 or actual shipping expense of both delivery and return incurred whichever is higher. 

All additional fees must be paid to us before we release your order for redelivery.



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