Micro Sprite Deluxe Black SA0200



Product Details

  • Designed for ages 6+, the Sprite is a fan-favorite among elementary riders and teens. Its smooth glide and cool colors are unmatched!
  • Lightweight, foldable, & super portable, the Micro Sprite is a great scoot-to-school or travel companion for ages 6+. Fold & Carry - it goes where you go!
  • Tough and built to last, the Micro Sprite is incredibly lightweight yet also surprisingly strong, holding up to 220 lbs.
  • All parts are replaceable, so when your rider outgrows the Sprite, it can be updated and passed along to a sibling or friend in almost-new condition. 2 year mfg warranty included.

The Micro Sprite Deluxe is a reinvention of the world's first folding aluminium scooter. Re-imagined for the next generation of riders. This Deluxe version features an integrated front light (constant and flashing settings) for the best visibility on darker days. A longer brake with inbuilt reflectors for bigger feet and added safety. The wider, curved handlebar makes it easier to balance and gives greater control. The fully adjustable handlebar now extends even higher to suit taller riders. Thoughtfully designed and engineered for taller children and teenagers.

5 to 16 years
Max rider weight 100kg
Rider height 110cm-152cm
Scooter weight 2.7kg
Adjustable handlebar

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