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Mini Deluxe features + LED light-upwheels

Watch out - the Mini Micro Deluxe shines with a new LED light in the tire. Thanks to the eye-catching LED wheels, you and the scooter can be seen from afar, even in the dark. The LED version not only looks cooler, but also ensures more safety. 

The classic is now also available as a  deluxe version. The handlebar of the  mini micro DELUXE is now  also adjustable,  like the Maxi Micro Deluxe . So the Mini Micro Deluxe now also grows with the child. The  lettering on the running board also  acts like a  griptape  and makes driving even safer. And two  reflectors  next to the rear wheel make your Mini Micro Deluxe even more visible. 

Already voted Toy of the Year several times by children and parents   ! Thanks to its patented steering system, this unique toy not only promotes the movement of your child, it also helps to promote motor skills, balance and coordination. It was specially developed for preschool children in collaboration with Swiss specialists. The handlebar is equipped with a safety system so that children cannot pull it out. But it is still removable, now also height-adjustable and can easily be removed by parents. So it is no problem  to stow the Mini Micro in the stroller or the trunk. The brake is designed so that it does not heat up during braking. If your child is already on the Mini Micro Age has grown out, from 5+, we recommend the mini micros big brother: the Maxi Micro Deluxe .

Age group   2 - 5
Resilience   50kg
Kind of roles   120 mm LED / 80 mm PU
Flooring   asphalt
Item No.   MMD118
Weight   1.99 kg
Foldable   no
Handlebar height 1   48 cm

Handlebar height 2

  68 cm

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