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  • Micro for BMW exclusive - not available anywhere else
  • Adjustable handlebar, foldable, kickstand

    When 2 of the biggest names in engineering and design combine exciting things happen. The Micro BMW City Adult Scooter is a flawlessly engineered adult scooter which makes getting around town quick and easy.

    Large 200mm wheels cover the pavements quickly and evenly. The adjustable handlebar means you can scoot at a comfortable position. Easy click folding makes the scooter easy to carry and store. Own your commute and beat the city with this exclusive adult scooter.
    Our BMW Micro Scooter is suitable for adults and is a revolutionary modern transporting solution. Elegantly designed by two top engineers, the Micro BMW scooter is ideal for manoeuvring through the city, commuting to work, dashing between meetings or leisurely gliding through the park. A Micro Scooter is the perfect choice for any person looking for an eco-friendly and convenient means of getting from A to B it is an ideal means of sustainable transport. The scooter can support a weight of up to 100kg (15stone, 7lbs) We would recommend adults wear a helmet when scooting but also know it is an entirely personal decision.
    The height of the Micro BMW Scooter handlebars can be adjusted from 2ft 4in (72cm) to 3ft 4in (103cm). What's more, the handle grips are durable and provide unbeatable control and incredible comfort. Low footplate to lessen strain on back. Solid, resilient wheels for impressive speed. Front mud guard to protect clothing. Adjustable handlebars and durable handle grips.
    Convenient folding mechanism for storage and transportation. Designed in lightweight aluminium, the scooter weighs only 4.7kg (10.3lbs);Kickstand, so you needn't lean your scooter against a wall.
    Time honoured Swiss engineering and award winning craftsmanship. As you would expect of a Swiss designed and engineered scooter the Micro Classic conforms to European safety standard EN14619.

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