Kickboard Compact Interchangeable KB0020



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The Kickboard Compact is the next step up from the Maxi - perfect for young teens and smaller adults. The 3-wheel Kickboard offers the same style steering as the Mini and Maxi - riders simply lean to steer, similar to riding a skateboard but with more control and maneuverability. The Compact's aluminum deck is designed for easy use by teens and smaller adults. The Compact comes with our patented easy to use folding mechanism, which also locks in the folded position to become a carrying handle. Kickboard Compact is a great mode of transport; when you arrive at your destination, it can be simply folded and carried. A benefit of all of our Kickboards is that they stay upright when you hop off, making it easy to park quickly, or switch from riding to walking, and back again.

The Compact's tested weight capacity is 220 lbs but we would recommend it for use up to about 170 lbs. Above that weight we would suggest looking at the Kickboard Original or Kickboard Monster.

Now with interchangeable T-bar/Joystick!  Quickly and conveniently convert your kickboard from the more "traditional" T-bar steering over to the Joystick steering, which provides more of a skateboarding or longboarding feel.

The Kickboard Compact comes completely assembled, with the patented folding mechanism. To unfold your Compact, simply pull to release the locking mechanism at the base of the Joystick then raise. Make sure the Joystick is locked in the upright position before riding.

SAFETY - We recommend that riders wear a helmet. This scooter is not designed for jumps or stunts, but our Freestyle scooters are.

Please note, when you take this product out of its display box, it will arrive in "Joystick mode."  The components needed to convert your handlebar over to a T-bar are included right inside the box with your scooter and instruction manual.  Switching from one handlebar style over to the other is quite easy!

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